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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Could this really be true?

OK, sorry I have been neglecting the blog! I've been working on an album of the Disney trip on Shutterfly and squeezing that in between being a mom! But, I've been wanting to blog about this since before we went on our trip. OK. We have this yellow Lab, his name is Tabasco, but we usually call him Basco. He's a great dog, great with the kids, usually has good doggie manners, etc. Well, about 3 weeks ago, he started licking Molly all over her face. Big dog kisses. Of course I would get on to him and tell him no. Usually when we tell Basco "no," he stops. Sometimes we have to be really firm and say it in our serious voice, but he'll stop--especially when it comes to Matthew and Molly it's like he has an instinct that we are really serious. He would not stop licking Molly on her ears and face. It seemed like whenever I turned around, he was licking her. I would tell him "no" and he would do it again right in front of me, which definitely was not like him. I even said to my mom and Mike "Do you think he's trying to tell us something?" Well, a few days of licking go by and it's just this weird thing that he keeps doing. Molly gets a little sniffle and I decide to take her to the doctor just to be sure since we were about to go on a plane. Molly didn't have a fever or any other symptoms. So, I take her to Dr. Stanton, our pediatrician, who I LOVE. He looks in her ears and she has a HORRIBLE ear infection. Horrible. They were so swollen inside her little ear canal and they thought one of her ear drums had ruptured. Poor baby. So, we get all of this medicine and get her all fixed up. Guess what? Basco hasn't licked her one time since she started that medicine. Not once. I totally think he was trying to tell us she had an ear infection. Do you think that could be possible? Go ahead--tell me I'm crazy! I know it's weird, but I think he was.

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4 people had nice things to say:

auntie mame aka judith said...

yes, it is true! Basco was caring for is little charge with his best instincts! Bring on the tongue!

Sagegirl said...

When we lived in Arlington, right after I had Elisa, Squibber would take off running down the hall and sit in front of the door to her room. 2 seconds later she would start crying. Squibber could hear her before we could or sense something was wrong. Dogs are like that. That is why they train those dogs for patients who have epilepsy--they can sense seizures. Dogs are the best!

Hollie said...

Wow! That is amazing...I do believe Basco knew something was up! Sweet thing! Can't wait to see you guys on Monday!

Kim said...

that's amazing. I completely believe it.