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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disney pics

OK, I know we've been back for two weeks and I haven't posted any Disney pics, so here they are! Love you blog friends!

I love this picture of Mike & Matthew in the race car. If you look closely, you can tell that Matthew is driving. This was the highlight of the Magic Kingdom for him. He seriously thinks he can drive now. He goes around telling people "sometimes I like to drive Super fast race cars."
Matthew was so excited--it was like Christmas morning!
i say more?

2 people had nice things to say:

Sara Youngblood-Ochoa said...

Love Miss Molly in the sunglasses! Superstar!

auntie mame aka judith said...

Ah, Pink Goddess in Training, sunglasses, et. al!
Matthew, the super race car driver! Do you hide your car keys?!?
Love these photos!