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Friday, February 15, 2008

Serious catching up!

My sweet Matthew is learning how to use the camera. He actually took this picture, so I had to show you because I thought it was pretty good.
OK--I have not been blogging. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I have this small baby child who is mostly always in need of attention, not to mention her big brother. I feed them, play with them, kiss their boo boos (not those kinds of boo boos, Andrea), get them a drink, change a diaper, do a load of laundry, think about blogging, and then someone calls me. So, here I am, blogging two weeks later!!! I'll spare you the details, but let me just say this has been a morning. I woke up to Matthew having diarrhea (5 times so far this morning). At first I thought he ate too much candy yesterday, but now, not so much. I'm hoping it's not a virus. Anyway--here's what we've been doing for the past two weeks in our little fam:

Here's pics from my scrapbooking retreat. It was heavenly! I got tons done, had so much fun, and a wonderful massage on Saturday. I could do this every 3 months instead of every 6 (but I don't think Mike would go for that!)
My little work station:
Early morning work going on:
My table: Elisa, Heather, Jennifer, Jodi, and Charlene hiding behind Jodi (we missed you Andrea!)
Here we are on Sunday morning--so much fun! Same people, but this time Priscilla's in the picture, too.
Next, you may remember the blog about Molly & Kylie hugging each other at Kylie's birthday. Well, this is what they did when they first saw each other at gymnastics! I think they have a special bond. How cute!

Friday play group fun! We started a play group that meets every couple of weeks. We went to this great new play place and the kids had a BLAST! The mommies even had some time to visit, which was SO nice!!! As you can see from the next picture, Matthew was worn out!
Last Saturday, we went to the airport museum, which is one of Matthew's favorite places. It's really cute with an amazing play area for kids and cool stuff to see for the adults. Matthew had his birthday here last year and wants to have it here again this year. It really is a great place to go! They have a plane that the kids play in and Matthew loves to be the pilot!
Molly loved crawling around after all the big kids. I'm trying not to think about how dirty those keys must be!
To make the weekend even more perfect, Matthew got to go flying. Our good friend, Todd, has a plane and he and Mike fly together a lot. Matthew has definitely inhereted Mike's love for flying and this is his very favorite thing to do. Not to mention, Madison got to go, too, and Matthew thinks she's the best ever! Matthew would fly every single day if he could.
Matthew and Mike had some very important Man Work to do. I was NOT allowed to help, according to Matthew, because this was very important work. Our fence had some damage in the wind storm, so here are the men, doing their very important work!Here's baby girl, doing her very important work (aka looking cute and playing)I couldn't resist this picture of Molly asleep in her high chair. This is what happens when babies refuse to nap longer than 30 whole minutes in one day. When will these children figure out that a two hour nap is pure bliss????Finally, Happy Valentine's Day! Matthew and his buddies at his school party! Too fun--they are still getting over the sugar rush. One more quick story about our very romantic, very intimate Valentine's Day dinner. At this point, Valentine's Day is not what it once was. We took the kids to our favorite neighborhood pizza place, Palio's--YUM. Not on the diet by any stretch, but it was Valentine's Day. We walk in, and there is a big table of two families we play with alot. Joshua and Katie are in Matthew's class and new play group. They were there with their siblings and parents. We all ended up sitting together in, what shall we say, hmmmmmm, a dinner of some fashion, borndering on crazy, kid-wrangling, highly-sugared, excitement. We managed to eat, wrangle, and herd everyone to their cars. I think the parents were all sweating at this point. I know the other restaurant patrons were relieved that we were gone. I hope Mike left a large tip. We came home, put the kids in bed, and got in bed ourselves for a romantic evening. What did we do? We watched Survivor, of course! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

4 people had nice things to say:

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Wow!! finally girl! Power blogging sweetie. Love it. I love how you incorporated me in your blog! LOL
Molly is a BIG PRETTY GIRL NOW!! So precious. Matthew looks so smart!
Love the update. BLOG MORE!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

P.S. Love Matthew's picture of you. Such a pretty picture of you!
P.S.S. I didn't know Mike flew? Wow!!

gorgeous said...

What a BIG Life you lead! Matthew at the helm of an airplane, Molly loving her friends, eating pizza with ALL those people, scrapbooking and massage (all in one weekend!) and sometime in between you sleep, Matthew sleeps, Molly sleeps and Mike puts up a fence.

Whew, I am tired just reading about it!

fab pic that Matthew took of you!

Hollie said...

I was so excited to read an update on everything! I LOVE Matthew and Mike "working"...that reminds me of Kole and Robbie. Kole always feels so special when he can help!

And sweet Molly is doing a great job of looking so cute! And her asleep in the highchair is priceless!

Isn't it so funny that when her and Ky see each other, they reach for each others hands? They do have a bond already! So sweet!

And the pic that Matthew took of you was awesome! He's a pro...taking after his Momma! Loved seeing you guys yesterday! Let me know when you want to get together for pix!