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Friday, March 28, 2008

Molly said her first word!

I know, I know. . . it's been over a month since I blogged. More on that later. BUT--yesterday Molly and I were in Michael's getting some craftie stuff and she had my car keys. She dropped them and I said "Uh Oh!" And then SHE said "Uh Oh, uh oh, uh oh" about 10 times. She said it last night for Matthew and woke up saying it this morning! Big Baby Girl!!!! Now, if you think that "uh oh" is not technically a word--don't tell me--I don't want to know. Woo hoo!!!!

3 people had nice things to say:

Sara Y-O said...

Uh oh is TOTALLY a word--2 words actually! Yea for the smart girl!

Glad to see you back on here. Missed you!

Anonymous said...

UH OH! Defined by Webster as heard only from an elite group of fabulous, intelligent women, from one year of age and up!

Uh Oh! Molly O is on the go!

love the story!
auntie mame

Hollie said...

Yea for the BIG girl! Her and Ky will be carrying on conversations before we know it!

I got your voicemail...I actually didn't hear it until last night sometime. It has been a little crazy up here. However, Kylie is making some prosess which is a HUGE PRAISE!! I'll keep the blog updated!

Miss you...can't wait until we can hang out (or work out!) again! It looks like I may not be at gymnastics...I don't know. I might get Rob to come up here and let me get out of the hospital for a little bit...we'll see! Love you!

Tell Molly, Kylie is so excited she said her first TWO words (totally TWO WORDS!!!!)