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Monday, August 18, 2008

Things I Needed . . . And GOT!

I had a great weekend filled with things I needed. To start off on the right foot (literally, hee hee), I had a girl night Friday night with Hollie and Ann. We started off with Pedicures and proceeded on to dinner on the patio at Christina's complete with Margaritas (you have to say "margaritas" in a Spanish accent). See:

When I got home at 11:30 (late for me), I of course had to stay up and watch Michael Phelps. Woo Hoo! So I finally got to sleep around 12:30 am. Needless to say, when Matthew decided to wake up at 5:55 am (which he hasn't done since he was a baby), I was in some sort of sleep deprived shock. So, I'm lying there in my bed with Matthew squirming and I'm trying to convince him to sleep until 7:00. It suddenly dons on me that we should just get up and go to Walmart and get school supplies before the crazy tax free shoppers. So, Matthew and I go to Walmart. Not sure what time it was at this point, but it was still dark and he wore his jammies. See:

Yes, I know, he's under the cart. I usually don't let him do this, but I think in my sleepiness, I gave in. Then, on the way out, we stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Walmart for breakfast. See:

I actually got the house semi-cleaned, played with the kiddos, and had a nice weekend. To top it off, Mike took Matthew fishing last night at it was definitely the hightlight of Matthew's weekend. They got a few nibbles, but didn't catch anything. It didn't seem to matter! Matthew was "hooked!" (Sorry, that was bad). See:

4 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

You live a very BIG life, pedis and margaritas, Walmart at 7:00 AM, Dunkin Donuts and fishing adventures! Not to mention a child under the shopping cart! Love that Mattie strolls around Wally World in his jamas, did he have on fluffy scuffs!!!

Hollie said...

Loved our time together! I mean, really loved being 'out' for a bit! The day after, we drove by Christina's and I laughed out loud! I needed a little 'letting go'!

Maybe after the craziness stops we can meet for lunch and have just two kids (Molly & Ky might not know what to do!) :) Love ya, girl!

Andrea "The H family" said...

what great timing for Matthew on the early start! Sounds like it was fun. Glad you got some girl time. MUCH NEEDED HONEY!

Griffith Family of Texas said...

Loved our evening out! Need to do it much more often. Enjoyed our profound conversations too. You provide very grounded advice, which I love and appreciate!