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Monday, December 1, 2008

So Happy Together

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Mike's parents got to come from Alabama, and BIL (Brother In Law) David was here, too. Aunt Linda, Uncle Don, and Cousin Erin came, but were suspiciously missing from these photos. Matthew fell in love all over again with Erin, announcing that he would be inviting her to his birthday party. They make a lovely couple, despite the 20 year age difference (Erin is in Medical School). Molly was all dolled up, which she loves. When she got dressed, she looked down at her clothes and said approvingly "Cute!" Granddad, Matthew, and David. We all sat around on the couch and watched Madagascar--Matthew loved the togetherness--well, actually, we all did!
Not to be outdone by Matthew's attachment to Erin, Molly attached herself to David for most of the day. Sweet little loves.

I do have more pictures to post, so look for a Part Deux tomorrow. I also did a photo shoot this weekend that I am very excited about! To be continued . . .

4 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

LOVE Molly in the last picture...she is such a doll! Can't wait to get together later this week (and to see the pix!!!!).

Griffith Family said...

Your children are precious. Looking forward to more photos. So are you doing this photography thing full time? You have an incredible eye for it.

Lucy said...

Cute pix! And I LOVE that Molly looked at her clothes and said cute! Hey, she speaks the truth!

gorgeous said...

OH! My, what a story those pics tell. Miss Molly the fashionista! and Researching men already! I love the pic of the guys watching tv, Matthew really does look happy!

Happy Post Thanksgiving!