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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I can't believe I don't have a picture of this classic moment

Today is Matthew's official Birthday. Happy Birthday, Honey! On the kids' birthdays at school, they get to take a special treat, usually cupcakes, and celebrate. Well, about a month ago, Matthew requested Fire Truck cookies. I thought, OK! I can make them and they'll be precious! I was in a cookie-making mode several years ago and got pretty good at them (the kind you see decorated so cute like at Celebrity Bakery where they charge $4/cookie). Anywho . . . here's the basic timeline.


1. Buy all supplies (sugar cookie dough, food coloring, frosting ingredients, cookie decorating equipment).

2. Bake first batch of cookies with usual method (roll out dough, cut with cookie cutter, bake).

3. Discover usual method stinks because what went into the oven as cute fire truck cookies came out of the oven looking like blobs.

4. Come up with brilliant new method: put rectangular dough into oven, and as soon as it's done, cut with cookie cutter into perfect fire trucks.


1. Mix beautiful red cookie icing.

2. Ice 20 perfect fire truck cookies with red icing.


1. Mix white and black icing.

2. Ice cookies with fire truck ladder, windows, and tires.

3. After hours and hours of hard labor, have 20 beautiful fire truck cookies for Matthew to take to school today.

4. Lovingly lay each cookie on tray and carefully wrap in Saran Wrap.

And then it happened. Right before bed last night, Matthew and I were cleaning up the play room while Mike was working late. I had the kids all jammied and ready for bed. Molly was playing nicely. OR SO I THOUGHT.

Molly comes into the play room with red all over her face and a BIG smile. She held up a handful of goo and said "Ook (look) Mommy! Cookies!"

Oh. Yes, she DID!

I ran into the kitchen and there they were. On the floor. In bits and pieces.

I just had to laugh--what else is there to do? So I called my dad and he made an emergency Target run and Matthew took Store Bought Orange cupcake cookies to school today. I'm sure the kids never knew the difference. And surprisingly, Matthew was totally fine with it.

Love you!

7 people had nice things to say:

The Waters Family said...

OH MY GOSH_- She did it!!! LOLOLOL-- I can envision it in my mind even without pictures!!

Happy Birthday Matthew!! glad he enjoyed the orange store bought cupcakes all the same! LOL

The Drama Mama said...

OK, I have to say you handled that much better than my initial reaction would have been - WAY TO GO! You are so right...what do you do? And I KNOW, the kids didn't know any different! Love you, Hol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW! We can't wait to play with you soon!
Kole, Lex & Ky

Lucy said...

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever heard!

Anonymous said...

YOU win the Best Mommy award of the Century! I love you more for handling the cookie adventure with such grace - YOU are a Goddess extraordinaire and Miss Molly By Golly wins the 2 year old prize!

Matthew is 5 years old - OMG!

Griffith Family said...

That's sooo funny. I can laugh from over here but I don't know how hard I would have laughed after all the work and love you put into those cookies! What a neat mom you are. And what a big boy Matthew is to not get upset.

Shelly said...

Too funny! But dont think i would have handled it so well!:) i left you something on my blog!

Alicia said...

I think I would have cried!

I left you an award on my blog!