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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Gorgeous in Dallas

Look who was here! My Most Loyal Blog Follower, aka "Gorgeous" aka Auntie Judy! She came in last weekend for work and we got to spend some fun family time at the Arboretum, which was faboo! She's my mom's sister, can you tell? The great thing about the Arboretum is that it is beautiful and great for adults, but also has fun things for the kiddies.

We had a great time! I got to see her for a wee bit on Monday, but she was working, so we didn't get to visit adequately. We all got to go to a luncheon honoring Laura Bush and her work for The Heart Truth and the Susan G. Komen For the Cure. It was so nice--and we got to get dressed up and do something fancy, which is always fun!

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Griffith Family said...

Gorgeous is a very appropriate name for your Aunt! Glad you had a wonderful weekend.


gorgeous said...

Oh my a page dedicated to MOI! It was such fun to be with the Family Teed and Sissy Joan Michelle in the Dallas Arboretum - Matthew and Molly are faboo children, neither child cried once in the entire time we were there! Mike, the Father Extraordinaire, and Camily, Sassy Momma! What can I say!

I am so glad you enjoyed the luncheon, the work was well worth the results! Oh and by the way, the host of the luncheon was the Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health, which we honored also!!!

Happy Day

Andrea "The H family" said...