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Friday, October 30, 2009

Week in Review

I must be tired. That was the catchiest title I could come up with! It has been a busy week. Last Sunday, I took Matthew (just the two of us) to see the Blue Angels at the air show and it was heaven for Matthew. He loves, loves the Blue Angels, airplanes, etc. Understatement.

Matthew actually took this picture and I love it! The dark part at the top is the wing of the giant military aircraft that we were standing under. The airplane is Fat Albert--(a C-130?? Matthew knows exactly. If he were awake, I'd ask him) that is part of the Blue Angels somehow. The foreground are bounce houses and food stands at the airshow. Not a bad photo for a 5 year old!

Matthew insisted that I take his picture with his new Blue Angels t-shirt (that we bought not 30 seconds after entering the gates). He loves it!

So I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday cleaning (it was bad. BAD). It had to be the kind of clean you want your house to be when people you like but who have never seen your house before are coming over. I had the brilliant idea to invite Matthew's friends from preschool over for a Halloween Party Play date. I don't know if I'm the greatest mom ever for doing it, or if I was just crazy. We had 20 5 year olds over in their costumes, played games, and decorated pumpkin shaped cookies. Where was my stinking camera?? I have no idea. I only took 5 pictures. 5! Matthew is dressing up as Jeff Gordon, the race car driver, and he's in between Bumblebee and Indiana Jones. They were all so cute.
Thursday I spent recouperating and working on photography stuff. Today I took Molly to the mall, had lunch at Jason's Deli and then we spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get the cat who got out. We finally got her and she's sleeping happily in bed with Matthew. Can't wait to post Halloween pics!

1 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Matthew will be a Blue Angel's pilot someday - his fascination has turned into a passion. I love the pics and love the tee shirt!

What a Halloweenie Momma you are for inviting 20 five year olds for a pre-Halloweenie event!

Do you ever stop and do something for yourSelf? A massage, facial, feets up on the ottoman day? I do hope you plan Self in each week!

Happy Halloweenie