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Friday, December 4, 2009


Here is the finished product! I think I mentioned that Mike was up until 1 am finishing the lights! Wow.

What mischief do you think this sweet-faced little girl got into while I was cleaning the kitchen? (Hint: notice the marker on her face).

This would be he handy work! Yes, those are our wood floors.

I just thought this was sweet. She's wearing her new jammies and watching Dora. I've forgiven her for her markings--it only took about 2 minutes.

Matthew is home today. He has strep, but is doing much better. I have wonderful memories of being sick as a child. Yep. You read that right. Don't get me wrong, being sick was, well, sick. I still felt bad, but I always got to lay on a special spot fixed just for me on the couch, watch whatever I wanted, I had my special tray next to me with a special drink, and I always, always got a present. I know. It was great. So yesterday on the way home from the doctor, I stopped at Target and got Matthew the Monster Jam Monster Truck game for his DS. He loves it. Note the intense concentration on his face.
Happy Friday!

2 people had nice things to say:

Leslie said...

I have great memories of sick days as well. You're right, being sick stunk, but I got to stay with my grandmother (the GREATEST lady in the world), stay in PJs all day, cuddle in a special spot for me, and she had this "breakfast in bed" style TV tray that I only got to use on sick days, and it was always filled with chicken noodle soup and a homemade grilled cheese (unless the sick involved a sore throat). Mmmm, sweet memories!

Judith said...

Black Markers make the most magnificent marks! I love the facial expression of "who me?"

Matthew's sick day! I too loved being sick - Grandma Irene would let me call Jack Bell Pharmacy for delivery of the best hamburgers in the world! Oh, I loved being sick!

You are a faboo mother!