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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silent Night: Molly's version

I sing several different songs for the kids when I put them to bed. One that I've always sung, even in July, is Silent Night (I guess that's what I'm hoping for)! Molly likes to sing with me, and I was listening to her last night. Here is her version:

Silent Nighhhhhh

Ho-oooooly Niiiiighhhhhhh

Goooddddddd is God

God is Whiiiiiite.

(Yes, that last line is "God is white.")

I thought I was going to lose it! Soooo funny!

3 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Tell her different right now - God is colorless!
love that you sing to the babes every night - rock and roll is good too!

Leslie said...

I love kids! The way they interpret things is always fabulous! :)

Murry Mayhem said...

I'm cracking up....seriously, I may have peed a little! J/K!