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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Highlights

We had an interesting weekend. Friday night, our downstairs heater went out. (The same heating system we had installed two years and thousands of dollars ago.) We haven't had heat downstairs this weekend, which is the main living area of our house. It's a good thing we don't live in Chicago! The lows at night have been in the upper 20's and it got up to 45 degrees today. We are waiting on the parts store to open tomorrow and are hoping that it is under warranty--if not, we will be out another $1500. Ouch. Looks like it will be a while longer before I get to replace my laptop.
Enough about that! We also had a fun weekend! We went to a birthday party at a bouncie house place--Matthew loves to bounce!

Mike even went and got to bounce and throw balls at the kids. I'm not sure who had more fun--the little ones or the big one (my husband).

Matthew loved, loved the giant slide! You can tell he's going fast because his hair is blowing!
We also spent several hours at Chuck E. Cheese. (I loaded these pictures backwards). This one is Molly waiting to pick her prize at the end. She picked a small Chuck. E. lunchbox because she loves to put her little things inside purses, bags, or any type of carrying type thing and carry them around with her.

This is Matthew yelling "Mom, I have to Plaaaayyyyyy!!!" because I kept wanting him to look at me for the picture.

Mike even got in on the action.

Apparently Skee Ball is really fun if you are sitting down on the actual game you are playing. I was standing behind ready to catch her wild throws and hoping she wasn't going to knock anyone out!

On a very happy note, this Thursday is my scrapbooking weekend with the girls. I am beside myself with glee! Four fun-filled days of pajamas, diet coke, laughing, wine, staying up late, and girlfriends. I can't wait!!!!

3 people had nice things to say:

Murry Mayhem said...

Yucky heating system! That stinks girl! On another note, Caroline does the same thing as Molly! She must have something to put things in...it cracks me up!

Leslie said...

Our heater went out the coldest days of the winter two years ago when I was pregnant. I was VERY unpleased! :) That is just NO fun. Hope it's under warranty.

I'm SO JEALOUS of your scrapbooking weekend. I have to wait three more weeks for mine. I'm drooling with excitement. :) haha!

Judith said...

Great photos of the children and Mike - where are YOU!
Blessings on your heating system!