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Thursday, February 18, 2010

If you're reading this, be prepared to sit down and stay awhile!

Well crap. I just realized that I uploaded all of these in the reverse order of how I wanted to blog them. Oh well.

So, starting with Valentine's Day . . . you know how I said it was the greatest ever?? Well, it was! And it's so funny, because it's not what you'd think. When I was in high school, it was great if the guy I liked called me, or made any sort of gesture. Then, in college, you think you're all grown up, and you imagine what a romantic Valentine's Day would be like. I'm sure I was hoping for all the things young women hope for--a guy to be super-romantic, etc. And somehow, it just never felt right. No matter what, it was always a disappointment. Then, I got a little older and fell in love with Mr. Right and we did have nice V-Days. Nice dinners out, flowers, jewelry, etc. But still, usually the food wasn't quite as good as we'd have liked (because the restaurant was serving 800 other couples at the same time), or something just wasn't like the Valentine's Day you imagine or see in the movies. Then, I got married, had kids, and we continued to try for the romantic V-day. Still not quite what we all imagine it to be. Not that it wasn't nice, great, or even wonderful. Until this year. It was perfect. Friday night, my parents kept the kids and Mike and I went to dinner. Nothing fancy--Outback Steakhouse. But the food was good because there weren't hundreds of other Valentiners out yet. We visited, laughed, and actually had a date. Saturday night, we took the kids over to my parents and we all had dinner together--my mom cooked, the kids got Valentine treats, everyone enjoyed themselves. Then, on Sunday, we achieved actual Valentine's Day perfection. We all slept in (yes, even the kids), and missed church (not part of the perfection, but it actually worked out nicely). I went and got chocolate donuts for the family--Matthew's favorite. We played together as a family, didn't worry about the house not being clean, then we all got ready. I showered, shaved my legs, fixed my hair and makeup, and wore cute clothes. Oh. My. Gosh. It's true. Then, we headed to the mall:

We rode the carousel. 3 times.

Mike and Matthew went ice skating for almost 2 hours while Molly and I "shopped." This is his proud face through the glass at the ice rink.

Molly modeled her strawberry banana smoothie and outfit that I made her (this was supposed to be a post on it's own, but in the interest of time, I'm just squeezing it in). I think she looks adorable and I'm proud that the outfit doesn't look like I made it.

More skating.

Grandmom and Granddad gave the kids Build A Bear for Valentine's day, so we had a blast at the store! Molly chose "Pinkalicious," her frog that wears a pink ballet outfit.

Matthew chose a camoflage bear, complete with soldier outfit.

So, my friends, the secret to V-Day is not romance. It is spending the day with the people you love the most, watching them do the things that they love, and feeling just how very blessed you really are because they are in your life. That. Was. Perfect.
So, pretend this is a new post. It snowed here last week. 8 inches. That's right. 8 inches. It hasn't snowed more than 1 inch in the last 20 years. It was heavenly! The kids (and adults) loved it!

I love this one because you can see his underpants!

We built an actual snowman. The last snowman that I saw here was about 3 years ago and it was mostly a dirt/twig man with a little snow mixed in. This was a really big deal for us! Molly had never even seen snow!

Look at the GIANT snow flakes!

Well, that's about it. I actually had a lot more to say, but am going to be late to pick Mollykins up, so I'd better cut myself off. Happy Day!

11 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

Love all of these pictures! And as for Molly's outfit? I'll be sending you my measurements, because I want one!!!

It's not done yet, but be sure and check my blog later. It's about YOU!!!!

Judith said...

This the BEST BLOG EVER! I love the snow pics, the snowman and the beautiful children who made her! I love the flakes, I love the ice skating pics - I'm not sure which one is most proud, Matthew or Mike! Good Golly Miss Molly is a fashionista! OMGoddess, she looks like a Rock & Roll Princess! I am crying tears of joy and love.

Fantastic, just f--king fantastic!

Andrea "The H family" said...

I SWEAR I'm HERE! I read your blog all the time honey!! Ok..1) my dream valentine's day!! I mean it. I want to duplicate that day with my kids and Jon! SOMEDAY!! 2) Molly=ADORABLE DIVA
4) where are you?
5) Your pictures are SERIOUSLY GOOD!
6) I'm here
7) where are you?@!!+

Leslie said...

So many thoughts.

1.) I HATE when I accidentally upload my pics in a different order than I intended.

2.) That strawberry outfit is TOO cute!

3.) That sounds like a FABULOUS Valentine's Day! I do love doing the dress-up and dinner thing with the hubs, but you're right, it's always best to do it a couple of days before or after if possible. The crowds just mean you have to wait, the service isn't as good, it's louder, and the food isn't usually as good (and usually costs more).

4.) From wence do you hail (if that's not too personal)? I'm always curious (especially during all this snow everyone's bloggin about) where my blog peeps are hanging. We got snow here, but as I will blog about at some point (man what a week it's been), we went South that weekend, so we missed it. Some friends/neighbors of ours came and took pictures of the house for us. haha!

Leslie said...

Oh, and this weekend is MY Scrapbooking retreat! Just about to go make brownies and finish packing. I'm VERY excited. :)

Camily said...

Leslie--We live in Dallas. And I'm so jealous that you're scrapbooking! We'll have to talk more about this! Enjoy!

The Waters Family said...

Loved Loved all the pics-- I agree totally about your perfect Valentine's day... Days like that are truly heaven on earth! Awesome Blogging girl! (miss you)

brianteed said...

I think you have a future in children's clothing design

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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