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Friday, August 20, 2010

Sister of Silly Willy, Silly Milly

While I was in the bathroom getting ready yesterday, Silly Milly made her appearance. I knew she was there because she had my old makeup in her hand. And she was sitting in front of the mirror.

I love that Silly Milly! She can make me laugh as much as her brother. Together, they are quite a pair!!!

2 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

Love that! She's so cute!!!!

P.S. Now you have an idea of what she'll look like if she decides to go the goth route in high school with lots of black eyeliner. :)

Anonymous said...

OH an artiste in the making! Truly, creative and so out of the lines and box applications! Silly Milly knows where the colors belong - red on lips and cheeks, black on the eyes and brows - oh yeah, I am calling Dream Works and recommending her for a makeup artist's job. She's got pizazz!