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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Fun Update

At the beginning of summer, we all sat down and made our summer fun list. Here is our update on what we have accomplished so far.

1. Go to local waterpark. Check
2. Go on vacation. Check
3. See Aiden & Caden (cousins)Probably won't be able to do this until September.
4. Eat breakfast for dinner. Check
5. Go to Yogurtland. Check, check, check.
6. Spend a weekend at the Westin hotel. Check
7. Take swimming/diving lessons. Check.
8. Have lunch with Daddy (at his office).
9. Stay in bed all day.
10. Swim with Kate, Olivia, and Sophia. Checkity, check, check.
11. Swim with Preston. Quadruple check.
12. Stay up late with Daddy. Check
13. Have a play date with Reed. Check
14. Go to the beach (hopefully the oil will cooperate!)Check
15. Go to the big waterpark. Check
16. Go to Six Flags.
17. Have a picnic by the pool. Check
18. Have a water gun fight. Check
19. Watch Ice Road Truckers with our Family (Matthew added this one)Check
20. Play cars (and this one)Check
21. Sleep over at MeMe's Check, check, check
22. Go to the Aquarium--closed until September--BOO :(
23. Tour a factory. Check (Mrs. Baird's Bread)
24. Eat at Twisted Root. Check
25. Paint a canvas. Check
26. Go to hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and dance with the mariachi band. Check
27. Learn something new. Check. (Molly is now an expert under water swimmer and Matthew can totally dive!)
28. Play Hide and Go Seek. Check
29. Play Uno. Check
30. Go to the zoo.
31. Go to the movies. Check
32. Feed the ducks. Check
33. Tie die a shirt.
34. Eat smores. Check
35. Play in the rain. Check

So basically, we still need to have lunch with Daddy, stay in bed all day (ok, maybe not alllll day, but hopefully we could lay in bed and watch a movie until at least 10:30 am--I would totally count that!), go to Six Flags, go to the zoo, and tie die a shirt. We still have two weeks, so I think this is all doable!

2 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

I love this list! What a fun summer for you and the kiddos! Can't wait to see how the tie-dyed tees come out!!

Judith said...

Is this something like the Bucket List for small children? I love it!
You forgot to put "Go to Amarillo and visit Aunt Judy and go to Wonderland!" Next Summer's List!