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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I tried it . . . now it's your turn (a.k.a. Giveaway!)

I was asked to review a new product from the nice people at Mom Select (they always send things that are perfect for me, because they are interested in what mom's think--and, well, I'm a Mom)!  I was given 10 bottles of Outlast--an amazing new hand sanitizer that lasts up to 6 hours!  Yes, 6 hours!

The first thing that I love about this product is that I can put it on my kids' hands as we head out the door for school, and know that they are protected from germs for the majority of their school day.  I know that they are supposed to be washing their hands before lunch, etc., but let's face it:  I have a 6 year old boy.  If he is supposed to be washing his hands in the bathroom, who knows what is really going on in there.  I seriously doubt it is hand washing!   So Outlast is perfect for us, especially with flu season rapidly approaching!

I have a bottle of Outlast in the kitchen, a bottle in the car, and I gave a bottle to my mom, who teaches high school medical science to germy teenagers.  I also have given a bottle to my husband, one to Molly's preschool teacher, and one to a friend.  That means I have 4 bottles left.  I thought about keeping them all for myself (at least I can admit it, right?), but what fun is that?!  So, if you would like one of my remaining 4 bottles, please leave me a comment.  You can also get an extra entry by following me, and one extra entry by telling me a good joke, an embarrassing story, or something else that will make me laugh!  I'll pick the lucky 4 on Thursday and have your package in the mail by Friday!

5 people had nice things to say:

The Drama Mama said...

Pick me, pick me! I'm alreadey a follower and I think you pretty much know every embarassing story about me...HA! I saw this on another blog, and was wondering if it worked...I'm all about trying! Because you're right, you never know what goes on when they are supposed to be washing hands!

OK seriously, I am going to call you today...sorry I've been out of touch! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Well I will take this in place of the last give away you offered, let's see was it a year ago you were making creative items to give to your most favored blog readers? Hum...I'll take a bottle of 6 hour hand wash, hell, I'll take anything that is free that doesn't entail an online application!


Leslie said...

Interesting concept...

Not sure if you want all separate comments... If so, let me know and I'll add lots and lots more. :) haha!

I follow.

Joke: "Man walks into a bar, says, "OUCH!"


Another? It's a Friend's line, but it's one of my favorites and most used.

Joey: "You have to decide if you really like him, 'cause if not, the point is Moo."

Rachel: "The point is WHAT?!?"

Joey: "It's Moo. You know, like a cow's opinion. It's Moooooo."

(Moot) Bwahaha!

I could go on, but I like you too much to torture you further. :)

Murry Mayhem said...

I'd love to try it...and of course I follow! Jokes huh? Embarrassing story? I have no jokes, and my whole life can be an embarrassing story with the things Caroline does! I'll give you the latest...{gross, but true}...So caroline has a pair of skinny jeans that she has decided she must wear all the time. She's worn them 3 days in a row to school. I'm embarrassed because I know they look dirty, I'm sure they smell dirty, but I just don't care! It's not worth the meltdown in the morning to argue about them. So, I've given up! Don't hate me because my child is gross and I'm allowing it for my own sanity....

Shelly said...

I WOULD LOVE THIS STUFF! think im too late leaving my comment...is this being sold anywhere?? i stock up on hand sanitizer wipes in my home and car and send a couple in the boys lunches cause i know thats the only time they would actually (maybe) use it! none of my boys would ever wash their hands if i didnt make them so im pretty sure it doesnt happen at school! jameson...well, he eats dirt, sand and who knows what else. he treats our new smaller puppy like a toy and i know always has "dog" on him and his hands! i wish every family had this stuff, might help with all the germs at school!