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Friday, September 10, 2010

Things I love right now

Before you read this, please don't be expecting a post about the special people in my life (there are many, and they are special), things I'm thankful for (the list is long) or anything meaningful (unless you're looking for something new to love). This is purely material--and I'm not being paid or compensated in any way--just letting you know what my current loves are!

1. Colgate Max Fresh with Mini Breath Strips toothpaste. I love it. It is the perfect amount of minty fresh mixed in with a nice amount of frothiness, which I find important in my toothpaste.

2. My Sonicare toothbrush. (Especially when paired with aforementioned most perfect toothpaste in the world).

3. The new Dyson hand dryers (they have them in the movie theater at Stonebriar and in the bathroom in the lower floor of the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe). If you haven't tried one, it is a brand new reason to love Dyson. You stick your hands inside it and pull them out and they magically suck the water off of your hands so that your hands come out dry. Fabulous. I want one in my house, but Mike said I could get one after he buys a plane. It will probably be a while.

4. Scholastic book orders. Both of the kids get so excited when the order forms come home. They spend at least an hour, maybe more, pouring over the books available in the order. And then another hour deciding which ones they can order. And then there is much excitement on the day the order comes home. One brilliant thing I have discovered: I always order one book for Molly from Matthew's order and one book for Matthew from Molly's order. That way, when the orders come in on different days, both kids are happy and this avoids any understandable crying fits.

5. Shutterfly. Everything about it. It's great.

6. Groupons. If you don't Groupon, you really, really should.

7. Words with Friends. Oh yes. I still love it.

8. Olivia. The kids' show. It's one of my top all time favorites because the kids love it (both of them) and I enjoy it, too. The other all time favorite is Kipper.

9. Papa Murphy's Pizza. This is what my kids think is my homemade pizza because you pick it up and bake it in your oven. And it's yummy!

10. The $1 any-size drinks at McDonalds. Because they're $1. And because McDonald's has been given the official award for the best Diet Coke in all the land. By me. And by Kelly who goes scrapbooking with us. We know. We're Diet Coke connesieurs.

11. Uptown Popcorn. Oh. My. Gaw. Let's just say it's a good thing I don't live close to one. It's so good that I was only going to have 10 things on this list, but then I thought of it and it had to be included. And I don't even really like popcorn. Because it gets in between my teeth. And we all know from the first two items on this list that my teeth are important to me.

Happy Friday!

3 people had nice things to say:

Jill said...

Kipper is HUGE at our house! Those Scholastic book orders are awesome, too. We have Franklin and Arthur libraries thanks to them! Great idea about buying books for both kids each time. :)

Anonymous said...

Lead me to the Uptown Popcorn - more than Diet Coke, I am a taste tester for popcorn!

love the list, love you!

Leslie said...

That's quite a fabulous list, honey. I, too, love my Sonicare (and find frothiness important in toothpaste, though I haven't tried this particular kind). I'm not a Diet Coke drinker, but I do love $1 drinks at McDonald's. (Their sweet tea is pretty much amazing, and sometimes I just need a fountain Coke. It's a completely different joy than one from a bottle.)

And oh my goodness, how I loved Scholastic book orders when I was a kid. It was the most amazingly exciting thing! (There's a Scholastic warehouse close to my house and they have these huge warehouse sales a couple of times a year. Amazing!)

We really should move closer to each other. I feel we would be fast friends. :)