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Monday, November 15, 2010


I know that most of you have probably already seen this on Facebook, but I had to tell the story! We had gone out to do some photos last week. First, I had to get the kids ready after school and convince them that taking pictures would be fun! Even more fun that staying home and playing, which was a hard sell. So we get all ready, load up, and head to the location. We seriously had been there for 5 minutes, taken maybe 10 pictures, and Matthew looks down at his feet and starts screaming. Poor thing had fire ants all over his feet, and they were biting him. I know it hurt! He was crying, screaming, and I'm trying to get them all off and calm him down. Photo shoot over. We're heading to the car, he's still crying, I'm carrying my camera equipment, their shoes, etc, fumbling for my car keys, while still re-assuring Matthew, when it starts pouring rain. Awesome.

3 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Ant bites and all, this is a fancy, dancy picture!


The Waters Family said...

well you got a beautiful picture -- but how could you not with those two gorgeous kids of yours!!

An Authentic Life said...

Is it wrong that I want your daughters skirt? Do they make them in adult sizes?

Why do we always have to"practical?" Boring!