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Monday, November 29, 2010


I tried to do it.  And then I realized that it was totally and completely NUTSO.  I went out at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night to Toys R Us.  We were in Dothan, Alabama, visiting my in-laws, and I thought surely it wouldn't be crazy.  But it was.  The line was at least 1/4 of a mile long.  To get in.  And they were only letting one or two people in at a time as others were coming out.  So I made the decision to maintain my sanity and go to bed. 

But, I did get a few bargains online.  But I can't tell you what they were.  Because HE might read this and then he would KNOW.  So, let me just say that I got something great, and it was most definitely a bargain.  Ooooh.  I wish I could tell you!  But I can't.  So I won't.  But, you can tell me!  Did you get a bargain???

3 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

What were you thinking? Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! okay, no bargins but am thinking about them, does that count???


Artisticpixie said...

oh my goodness! I've done that twice and realize now the headache was NOT worth the discount. I can't do that again. That was great you weren't bracing yourself for that shopping sanity!

Alicia said...

Never go out on Black Friday!!! LOL! No bargains for meeee! I just can't stand all the people pushing and fighting over stuff...I'm afraid I might end up in the pokey! Hahaha!