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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thought Filled Thursday

Well, it's official.  It's getting to feel alot like almost Thanksgiving!  I am excited for a week of family fun, break from routine (which I'm sure I will be super happy to have back once vacation is over), and pumpkin pie!  I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving, and then Christmas will be here before I know it!  With small kids at home, it's really important to me to decorate for all the holidays (well, the main ones.  We don't have many President's Day decorations).  We decorated quite a bit for Halloween, and the kids loved it!  But then comes November.  I think:  harvest time, oranges, browns, maybe a fall wreath.  I've got zero, zilch, zip, nada.  Not a single Thanksgivingish decoration.  But the thing is, I don't like any of the decorations that I see in the store!  So, what do you do to decorate in November???  I'd love any suggestions!

Last year, we got too busy in December and didn't put up our tree until late.  So Sad!  This year, we're doing it early.  Last year, Mike put on the lights, but the kids did the ornaments.  And we had a kitten.  Which meant that there were no decorations on the bottom 2 feet of our tree, and none higher than a 6 year old can reach.  It was so funny!  But this year, I want a beautiful tree!  So we're starting early and working some Christmas magic!

I've been in major "get things done mode."  I deep-cleaned our bedroom yesterday, took care of several projects that have been waiting on me, and I have a few more to go.  I love to see the progress!

Why is it that all the light bulbs in the living room and kitchen go out at the same time?  They are the expensive bulbs (I think around $7-$8 each).  Right now, I have 7 that have gone out over the last 2 weeks.  Yuck!  Who wants to go spend $50 on light bulbs?! 

I'm waaaaay behind on my reality tv.  Which is nice to actually do things in the evenings, but I feel like I'm walking arounds with my ears covered because I don't want to know what's happening on my shows!  They are all recorded, so I guess I need to get busy.  Maybe.  Probably. 

Matthew randomly decided he wanted to sleep on the floor of his room last night.  So he did.  All night.  I think I would have made it 30 minutes.  Kids are amazing.

I'm addicted to Angry Birds!  OMG.  OMG that I just typed OMG.  Love it!

2 people had nice things to say:

Jill said...

Good for you for putting your tree up early! More time to enjoy it!
I decorate for fall at the end of September. Pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, scarecrows, whatever I've got that's orange/brown/red. After Halloween, I remove the jack-o-lanterns and leave the rest until after Tgiving. Little effort on my part! :)

Lucy said...

Like your previous poster a lot of my Halloween decorations double as Thanksgiving decs too. I just remove the jack-o-lanterns.

However I wanted a few more Turkey Day things, so I went looking recently and could find NOTHING!

Actually every store I went to had a ton of owls in their Thanksgiving department. Since when are owls part of Thanksgiving decor?????