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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shamrock Christmas

One of my most favorite family traditions is our family Christmas in Shamrock every year. It has always been so much fun to celebrate with the McQuay side of the family, but now that there is a new generation, it is even more fun!

My cousin, Jennifer, and her husband, Justin, with my dad and Mike.  They were out watching the kids play outside.  It was so cold, but of course, the kids didn't even notice!

Molly wore my coat because hers was in the washer.  It was so funny to see little tiny Molly in my coat, but it didn't slow her down.
The kids all made Santa beards, and they really were serious about their project!

Aiden modeling his beard!

Caden couldn't stop playing Wii long enough to properly model for the camera, but he wore his beard while playing!
Matthew wasn't available to model his--I think he was too busy to even put it on!
Molly in her pink Santa beard!

Opening presents is always fun!  I love the expression on Jennifer's face!

My cousin, Denise, Aunt Judith, and Aunt Judy!  We had so much fun!

4 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

The Shamrock Christmas pics are fab! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas Beards! These 4 babes are just too precious!

ho ho ho

Andrea "The H family" said...


Artisticpixie said...

Hope you have a great holiday weekend with your family! =)

Lucy said...

LOVE seeing these pix of your family!!! Hugs to all of them!