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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inside my head...

We are at McDonalds. In the play area. I have avoided it all summer, but gave in after ballet. Molly had her second ballet class today and it's quite possibly the cutest thing ever. I took a few pictures, but then they told me that photographs are prohibited. Ummmm, excuse me? My daughter is 4 and this is her first ballet experience. I'm a photogragrapher and a scrapbooker and you seriously don't want me to take pictures??? The teacher said it was because she's under contract with the ballet of London and I could be sued if I take a picture of her. Really? First of all , I'm pretty sure the ballet of London hasn't seen the size of your ass lately. And I also find it interesting that you are fulfilling your contract teaching 4 year olds at the Rec center, but whatev.
I might be in some sort of a mood.
So, we are trying another ballet class at a studio this afternoon. My first requirement is that Molly likes it and that I am able to take pictures, so we'll see.
On another note, school starts next week and I am somewhere between jumping for joy and lying in bed crying my eyes out. If you put the bickering to the side, this has been the best summer ever. I have loved having Matthew and Molly at home and I can't believe Matthew is starting 2nd grade and Molly will be in Preschool. How is this happening? I love so much about their growing up, but my heart is aching that it's all going much too fast. Thank God they still love to snuggle or it might be a one way ticket to crazy land for me.
On the flip side, it will be nice to be back in our routine again and nice to have a little time to myself.
Well, enough rambling. I'm off to coerce two children off the play equipment and herd them through the mall to the shoe store, where inevitably One will find the perfect shoes, but not in their size (those will be held for us at the nearest store 30 miles away) while the other won't find anything we can agree on that doesn't light up, make music and have wheels. But we will also stop and smell the roses (or racks and racks of school clothes) along the way!

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2 people had nice things to say:

Leslie said...

I just busted a GUT laughing at this. :) I have missed you over the summer. :)

Judith said...

The london Ballet company, my ass! I laughed MAO reading about the "size of her ass" and her tiny ego! YOUR children are blessed with you as their Phenomenon Mother! I can only imagine what it is like to live in your world! Happy Day Darling, and move on to another ballet studio, money is everything!

kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss ki