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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pre-K Today!

Well, I am a little calmer about Mollykins going to Pre-K. I'm not panic-stricken that she's growing up too fast because we still have a whole year until Kindergarten. She was apprehensive about going to school last year (click here and scroll down past Matthew to see Molly on her first day of Preschool 3's last year), but this year, she did great (I know she was thinking about the giant doll house in her class room that she spied at Meet the Teacher). Plus, she already had friends in her class this year, so she felt comfortable.

Although we had bought a few outfits for back to school, yesterday she found this purple ensemble in Target and had to have it to wear today. She plannied the whole thing, right down to the purple sparkly Converse shoes and purple headband. I tried to tell her that she didn't need the jacket, as the forecast was 105, but she didn't care.

She wasn't quite as excited about posing for the camera.  Girlfriend was ready to get in the car!

Check out the coordinating purple polka dot top she picked.

Even Daddy went to work late so that he could take her to school.  Bonus:  her precious teacher had on purple, too!  Now if only Mike had worn purple! Ha!

She had to make a "Molly doll" to take to school today.  Note the purple dress, one purple fingernail, and purple ribbons in her hair.  I'm sensing a theme.

I'm so proud of my big girl!  And it's so very quiet in my house right now...

2 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Molly, good golly Miss Molly! She is a Princess if ever.........., Now did she really make the Molly Doll? She is definitely your child, arts and crafts! Galore! I am loving the passion of pink and purple!

too cute, just too darn cute!
Did you have some quiet time today!

Leslie said...

She is just a DOLL!!! Am I sensing a need for a purple tutu? ;)

I LOVE the Molly doll! Way to do crafters everywhere proud. :) haha