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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Cool Like That

A couple of Saturday's ago, I arranged a super-cool surprise for the fam, you know, since I'm a super cool mom.
I got everyone up on Saturday morning and told them to get dressed, that I had a PLAN. After a little protest (probably thinking I was going to make them clean house), I got them all loaded up into the car and we headed downtown. In the car, I let them in on my secret (because I wanted them to have a little time to be excited about what we were going to do, and also because I wanted to prep the kids for what manners they were going to need in advance). We were going to go for a super cool, behind the scenes tour of the World Champion Dallas Mavericks locker room guided by Donnie Nelson (General Manager of the team). Yep. I've got connections. Or...I know someone who has connections. Or something.

Matthew listening to a little pre-tour info from Donnie Nelson.  (He's awesome with kids).

Molly working out in the locker room (even the weights had the Mavericks logo on them).

Mike hanging out in the media room (aka--where the players chill).

Matthew wearing the official practice jersey and hanging out by Jason Terry's locker.

The middle of the locker room.

And the whole fam

The lights in the locker room.  Matthew would like his room to look like this.  I'll get right on that.

Super Coolness.  The chair to the immediate left of the white board cabinets leads to the court in the AA Arena.

Matthew goofing around in the Maverick's practice court.

The boy doing what he loves.

All of us with Donnie Nelson after an awesome suprise!

5 people had nice things to say:

Judith said...

Not only are you a Super Mom you are the BESTEST Surpriser! for this fab gift to your family! I love the happy faces on Mike and Matthew and Molly seemed to be as excited as she could be as it wasn't about Barbie!

And YOU, YOU look absolutely fabulous! congrats on being a super mom and a gorgeous BABE!


Shelly said...

thats awesome! my boys and husband would have loved that!! MAJOR BEST MOM POINTS FOR SURE!

The Drama Mama said...

CAMILY-freaking-TEED!! Are you kidding me?!?!?! And I don't mean the surprise (even though that is flipping amazing!!!!), but what the heck you been doing??!!!?!?! You look unbelievable! You've always been my gorgeous photographer, but man, YOU HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regardless, I miss you MORE than you know...and when I read your comment the other night I got teary eyed! I miss you so much, sweet friend!!!! Love you bunches!!

Lindsey said...

Woe...Camily...major points! How awesome are you-I would have peed my pants to be in that locker room; I can only imagine Molly and Matthew's faces! Hope you're doing well! XOXO

brianteed said...

Now that's a cool mom!