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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thought Filled Thursday

1.  Oh, how I would love to say some of the things I actually think.  I am quite good at entertaining myself.  Silently.  I don't know how other people would take it. ; )

2.  I will be Scrapbooking in one week.  Woo!  Hoo!

3.  Mike and Matthew have gone to their Cub Scout Rally.  Which means Molly is coloring at the kitchen table waiting for her macaroni to cool off while I am doing laundry and blogging.  I think I'm going to love Cub Scouts.

4.  I brushed our lab outside today and I think there was enough hair to make an entire small dog.

5.  I'm going to my SIL's baby shower this weekend and I haven't been this excited about a baby shower since my very own.  The downside is that Mike is going, too, so I can't hide how many things I've bought for the shower, as he will see her open the gifts. : )

6.  I'm thinking about entering this photo in a contest about summer.  I love it.  And the girls in it!

7.  My MIL is coming for my SIL's baby shower, too.  She is staying with us and the kids are thrilled!  We usually go out to eat a bunch when my MIL is here.  Yay for MIL!  Yay for happy kids! Yay for clean kitchens!!!!

8.  I straightened my hair today. 

9.  I got a pedicure a week ago and my feet are already looking dry.  Um, can I have my money back? 

10.  Have you seen that YouTube video of the old people and the web cam?  It is HILARIOUS. You know...this one:

1 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Yes, enter that picture of summer and girls with bats in every contest you find. And send it GMA when they ask for 3 word pictures Girls and summer"

Macaroni and Cheese for dinner, now that is my kind of menu!

Pics please of the straight hair!