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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I'm feeling blog guilt and just talked to my BFF yesterday about how boring/lame/ridiculous it is to say "I've been busy/I'm busy/BUSY."  Yuck!  I've got to find something else to say about my ridiculously blessed life other than "busy!"  So, while I have a lot on  my plate, I'm slowing down to smell the roses, or the pumpkin pie, or whatever it is that I can smell. 
On a side note, I'm super excited to be going to the Midnight showing of Breaking Dawn tomorrow night.  Yes, I'm admitting it.  Love me anyway!  But even more excited about the amazing group of friends that I'm going with!  Blessed again!
Anywho...happy Wednesday and here's to no more busyness!
(And for the record, I just heard a sweet tiny voice say "Mommy, I want more Nana bread!"  (Even though she means Raisin Bread).  I love my sweet children so much my heart might explode!

1 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

There is always enough time to enjoy the roses and sweet voices! Enjoy the silly movie!