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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Very Pinteresting!

Well, if you know Pinterest like I think you do, then you will know how very excited I am to share my very first Pinterest project!  Behold:  the ribbon Christmas tree t-shirt! (Please ignore the blur and focus on how adorable both my shirt and my baby girl are)! And that ribbon is not crooked in person...whatev.

Next, and equally as exciting, if I may say so (and I may, since it's my blog) is my very first Pinterest gift that I received!!!  Yes, it's true!  My amazing friend, Andrea, made moi a Pinterest giftie!  Well, it may have actually been Andrea's mother, but I digress...

And this is my next Pinterest craft, which I am starting on right after I finish posting this blog entry--and which will most definitely deserve a follow-up blog post in the very near future.

Finally, this is what I made this afternoon, which will be tucked lovingly into sweet little treat bags, and dispersed tomorrow morning to various places (that is, if I can keep Mike and the kids out of them...oh, who am I kidding?  And keep ME out of them, too)!  If you have not ever had these little Pampered Chef version of S'mores, you have not yet lived.  They are To. Die. For. 

Love you!

2 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

another genius craft experience! love the ribbon shirt and I am so excited that you will be knocking on my door with a tiny gift bag of smores!

sending love and light to the Family Teed - safe travels this weekend and tell all I send thoughts of sugar plums to the festivities!


Andrea "The H family" said...

First off, fantastic photography.
Secondly, LOVE this post.

Love all of it. And..your little goody at the bottom looks so yummy!