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Monday, December 5, 2011

Uno...4 year old style

I'm so lucky to have Miss Molly all to myself on Mondays and Fridays while Matthew is at school. We love our girl days, and with Kindergarten looming for my baby, I'm cherishing them more and more.

Last Friday, she set up Uno for us to play on the floor. How could I resist? Especially since Uno has played a HUGE part in my childhood gaming life with my family. Since we were located close to my computer, my camera was within reach (thanks to hours of time on the computer editing lately).

Notice the look of intense concentration.  She is a serious competitor.

Pause the game, while Molly does a quick gymnastics move on the wall...

She beat me. I know it's out of focus, thanks to my grab-the-camera-and-take-the-picture-quick-while-her-reaction-is-genuine-reflexes (that did not include taking the time to focus. ; )

This would be the "mom, enough taking pictures already...just play another round!"

And this is me in my Uno-playing-glory. No makeup. Trying not to be visibly shaken and go all crazy-mom, while my 4 year old is taking my picture with my Canon 5D Mk II. I managed. And her photo was in focus, at least! (Note--I almost didn't post this, as it's not the best picture of me for many reasons, so yay me for posting it anyway).

Who knows what fun our girl day will bring today? Yippee!

4 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Oh My! UNO! So many grand evenings of fun and flat out cheating and lying and laughing! Papa Joe screaming "Uno!" Grandma Irene strategizing her next play and the rest of us, having just plain ol fun! "Oh No, Uno!"

How I would love to play a game of UNO with you and Miss Molly!

Happy Day

Alicia said...

Yay for girl days! Those are the best! the make my <3 smile.

Andrea "The H family" said...

ummm, way yay for posting it! LOL! Love it. I love it when Luke leaves out for school and I have my big girl. I know the feeling. Hugs! She's getting so big!!!

brianteed said...

We need a family UNO game this Xmas