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Monday, December 19, 2011

You'll shoot your eye out

We spent the weekend in Shamrock celebrating Christmas with my mom's side of the family--a tradition that we look forward to every year.  This year was exceptionally enjoyable because all of the kids were old enough to really enjoy everything--and they were all so good!  There was not one single disagreement the entire weekend! 
Anywho...the kids all had a great time wielding their weapons (or, Christmas gifts)...

Saturday afternoon, we got really brave and took them all out to shoot bb guns.  They had so much fun!  And yes, they were shooting the genuine Red Ryder BB gun!

Aiden went first and was the first to hit the target (balloons).

Matthew did great and loved every minute of it.

I love the big congratulatory hug Matthew got from Caden when he hit his first balloon!  Caden was so happy for him!

Of course, I had to try my luck, too.  And I did not embarrass myself--at least not this time!

Sharpshooter Caden did just great!

And even Molly got in on the action. She was definitely irritated that Daddy kept helping her!

And on a different note, if you read my last post about Pinterest, here are my finished products!  I made oven mitts!  I'm very proud of myself, but it was much more time consuming than I thought it would be.  But I think it was worth it!

2 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

gun slinging, gun toting McQuay's - wouldn't Papa Joe be proud!

love the mits!

Andrea "The H family" said...

intense!! love it.