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Monday, September 17, 2007

5:33 p.m. September 16, 2007

OK--I know that the title of this blog was yesterday and not today--but it has meaning. Matthew has little things he has to do around the house to earn stars on his sticker chart. Nothing big . . . things like pick up his toys, brush his teeth, sit nicely at the table (really working on this), etc. Anyway--at the end of the week, he earns something when his chart is completed. Well, last week he wanted to go on a train ride. So, yesterday afternoon, Mike and I took Matthew to ride the DART rail downtown. Isn't that funny? He thinks the DART rail is a really exciting train ride! Anyway, it was a bit of a journey just making it to the train "station." We had to drop Molly off with my parents, drive across town, just missed the train by one minute (not kidding--one minute). Then, Matthew had to go to the bathroom. I mean he really HAD to go to the bathroom. So, we load up in the car, drive to the Valero (the one on Greenville and Arapaho--has the cleanest bathrooms I have ever, ever seen in a gas station), Matthew potties, we go back to the train. Guess what--we had just missed the 2nd train! So--we're sitting there on the platform, waiting for the train, talking, playing any little game we can think of, trying anything to entertain Matthew so that he doesn't get close to the train track or so that I don't think he's too close and I have a heart attack. So Mike checks the time on the clock they have hanging over the platform and makes an offhand comment: "Look--it will never say that ever again. September 16, 2007, 5:33 p.m." It took me a second to even register what he was saying. I looked at the clock and realized what he was talking about. My first reaction was--"Yes, that's how time works." But then it kind of hit me in that one moment. The clock really will never say that again. And in that one moment, I realized how much I have to be thankful for. My life is so full. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, we're all healthy and happy. Yes, there are challenges, but I am so, so thankful for my husband, children, friends, family, growing relationship with God, being able to stay home with Matthew and Molly, and that I have a life filled with blessings. Wow. So, I am thankful for Mike's comment, for that little moment that helped me realize to stop and be thankful.

3 people had nice things to say:

Sara Youngblood-Ochoa said...

I love this.

Hollie said...

Wow...that really does put everything into perspective! After reading this, I will start my morning being thankful as well! Sometimes you do get into a groove and forget what is really important! Loved reading this!

Kim said...

what a great story.