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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A story all mom's will appreciate!

OK. This actually happened to me this morning. Let me preface this story by saying that I'm pretty sure "poopie talk" is a subject most people avoid on their blogs, so I may be crossing a line here. I usually put off all of my grocery shopping until Tuesday or Thursday when Matthew is in school, but we were literally out of everything. So, I thought I could run to WalMart (which I strongly dislike--I'm a Target girl!), pick up a few necessities and make it until tomorrow. I get Matthew and Molly all loaded up and go to WalMart. I opted for using the stroller instead of the cart because I can fit quite a bit in the little basket under the stroller. Besides, by the time I put Molly's car seat in the shopping cart and Matthew attached to it at some point, as well, there's hardly any room in a normal shopping cart. So, here we are, shopping along. I'm trying to hurry because it's almost time for Molly's bottle and I have already told Matthew that we weren't buying any toys today, so it should be a quick trip. When all of a sudden, Matthew says "Mommy, I have to go to the potty NOW!" He is almost crying, saying "hurry! hurry!" Well, let me tell you--this is not normal Matthew behavior. I would say he's potty trained, except for a poopie accident here or there. This is not something he normally cries or fusses at all about. I knew he meant business and it was serious. Well--the potty in our WalMart is at the VERY back of the store on the opposite side of where we are shopping. At this point, we are literally running through the aisle. People staring. Matthew saying quite loudly "Mommy! Hurry! I have to go potty! whine, whine, etc" We finally get to the bathroom and Matthew just sort of looks at me. I knew. He knew. He didn't make it. AND--it was the big "D." Yep. Diarrhea. Of course I'm saying "oh honey, it's ok, everyone has accidents, blah, blah, blah." So I throw his underwear away (sorry to all the people who come in the bathroom after us), get him cleaned up, dressed, etc. and we're out the door. We just about make it back to where we were shopping in the baby section when Matthew says "Mommy! I'm going to have diarrhea again! Hurry!" OH NO. Well, I look up, grab a pack of pull-ups and a pack of wipes off the shelves, and we sprint back to the bathroom. Now, he hasn't worn anything but underwear for a while, but I'm not going to be cleaning underwear all day. Thus, the Pull-ups. We get to the bathroom and a worker STOPS me! She actually says "Excuse me ma'am, but you can't take your merchandise into the bathroom." Now, think back to when I mentioned that I am using a stroller and not a shopping cart. I can't leave Molly outside the bathroom in the stroller. And we are in a major hurry here. So I said "I'm not going to steal anything, my son is having a potty emergency." At which point, the clerk says "I'm sorry. You will need to leave your merchandise out here." Now, I've had it. So I say "Well, I guess I can just stand right here in Customer Service and clean up his diarrhea. It's pretty messy, so there might be a mess you'll need to clean up when we're done." That did it. She held the door open to the bathroom while I pushed the stroller right on in, merchandise and all.

2 people had nice things to say:

auntie mame aka judith said...

OMG, this is such a funny story, but oh so bitter sweet for Matthew! I am so sorry he has had the BIG D but oh so happy you made it to the BR the 2nd time around! Wish I had a picture of the Walmart employee........

Happy Shopping!

Kim said...

The things we will do for our kids. Too funny.