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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I have had a revelation!

OK--I like a clean house. I'm not a nut about it, but I need for my home to be clean. When it is messy, I am grumpy and more short-tempered and nobody needs that from me! Before I married Mike, I had a housekeeper. Actually, I had one until I quit working to stay home with Matthew. When I quit, that was one of the things we cut out. Fine. No biggie. When I just had Matthew, that worked out fine. I could entertain him and clean and everyone was happy. Well, now we have Miss Molly, and the cleaning has gotten a bit complicated. I can still entertain Matthew with a movie or playing or something, but I'm not just going to stick Molly in her swing and let her sit there while I clean. Furthermore, check out what happens when I TRY to manage two children and clean the house:

I believe Matthew's exact words were "Mommy, come look! I decorated Molly!"

Plus, at this point, the messes are bigger--there are some 3 year old-size messes, which grow when my back is turned. Then, there are the messes that I make while I'm rushing around trying to get us all ready and then I look up and--BOOM--messy! So, while I am striving to occupy my children, go to the store, cook some sort of dinner (if I'm lucky), take or pick up the cleaning, go to the bank, find one shoe, or Matthew's big rig shirt (a favorite right now), I'm doing really well if I can manage to keep the house somewhat picked up. I haven't even gotten to the actual scrubbing, actual cleaning of the house. So--I've decided that it's time to get a housekeeper again. I don't care what sacrifices I'm going to have to make--it's just got to happen for my sanity!


So the good news is that I called Gloria, who cleans for Jennifer and Heather. She came over last night to survey the damage and give me a price quote. Now, she came over at 6:00 last night. Let me tell you, from about 3:00-6:00, I was a speed cleaning queen! I didn't want her to walk in, see our mess, and say "Oh, sorry, I don't have any openings right now." Or, "Oh, no problem, we'll charge $300 for this size mess." As it turns out, the house was in fairly good shape and she is going to charge me a tot unreasonable sum of money. SO--hallelujah! She's coming next Friday. I seriously can NOT wait. Praise the Lord! Seriously.

5 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

Oh, girl! I hear ya. In the spring Robbie gave me the best gift ever - someone to come clean our house. I think he realized after adding an infant to the mix, I needed the help...I know what you are going through. I am still thanking God for Isis (our cleaner) that comes every other week! I will celebrate with you!

Hollie said...

I forgot to mention....Matthew 'decorating' Molly is classic!!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Oh girl! You see-----I knew we were sisters. I absolutely died laughing when I saw this blog. It's all about being REAL GIRL and you have caught on quick in blog land! So great!
p.s. I covet your kitchen.
p.s.s. Can we come play with your toys?

Camily said...

Andrea--maybe this will help you NOT covet my kitchen--there is no pantry. How can you build a house with NO FREAKIN' pantry????

I CAN'T WAIT until you can come play with our toys! When Luke can come to play, I promise to sanitize everything first--you can even do a pre-play inspection! ha ha

April Williams said...

i'm with you on being a little more short tempered when the house isn't clean. awesome on the maid...so happy for you. we just got rid of our's! so sad for me.