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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

OK--I had written this very cute and clever post yesterday. I was really impressed with my cleverness. I was so clever that I deleted the entry before I posted it. Anyway . . .

Several things . . . first, I really want to post more often. Daily would be good because I'm addicted to reading everyone elses blogs and I am loving this! So--that is my goal. My problem is that Matthew is not napping anymore (unless I am lucky enough that he falls asleep in the car at the exact right moment) so I don't have his nap time to run up to the computer and do my emails, etc. Also, by the time he's in bed, that's time for Mike and I. So--I have to work on a time.

Also, I think most people who would read my blog already know this about me, but: I'm a dork. And I use the term "dork" in the most endearing way, because I love the dorkiness about me! Things that I do, or that happen to me, or things I think that are funny (that some people don't think are funny) all make me laugh--that is why I'm a dork! Anyhoo, this is an example: there is a mom that I've been talking to for about 5 months. Her little girl is in the same gymnastics class as Matthew. We've been talking for a while now about our chiddren (not a type-o, sometimes I say it that way), lives, etc. It's probably been at least 4 or 5 months of talking. Well, I really like her. Anyway--I didn't even know her name. I've been talking to her for 5 months and didn't know her name! So it was to that awkward point that I didn't want to ask her because it's been so long and that's kind of embarrassing. But, I'd had enough, so I asked her yesterday. (It's Hollie, by the way.) Well, come to find out, she's a dork like me! She didn't know my name either, and she had just asked Coach Mike (the best gym coach ever in the world--love him!) what my name is! So then we were all excited that we knew each others' names. OK--then the subject of blogging comes up. We get even more excited because we both just started blogging and we totally "get" how fun it is! So, now we added each other to our friends list and we're dorky and excited blogging friends, too!

3 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

I LOVE IT! And yes, I too am a big DORK! I am so excited we can stay in touch through our dorky blogging...more importantly that I can call you by name (which I love by the way!) I look forward to lots of more shared stories and reading about your precious family! By the way...I have the winner of all stories (too much to type)....I will share on Monday.

Have a great week!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Camily, I totally cracked up at your blog today. I guess I'm in the dork club as well. (which actually I'm more comfortable in) Reason why: Luci has 2 boys. (you know Luci) and she was in my small group for a long time. She would say her boys names..but I could never remember their names. Finally one day, I go over to her house. I see her boys. I feel so 'dorky' as I literally had no clue how to address them as they attacked me at the door. I said "Hi sweetie!". So, I go to their potty. I see her decorative hanging towels that read "Joshua and Braden". Sigh of relief. I go out and say "Luci, thank you God your boys' name are on the towels as I always forget their names".
She died laughing. To this day, I never forgot their names because in my dorkiness...I am a visual person. It's all I needed.

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

P.S. I noticed your ticker!!
What??? DO SHARE AND BLOG. Are you doing WW? Whatcha doing??!! SHARE