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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jumping for Joy

Last year when I was pregnant and we were getting Miss Molly's room ready, I had a trundle bed and two mattresses in what was going to be the nursery. I just couldn't deal with all the stuff we had, so we were going to give it away. Well, my brilliant mom, knowing how much Matthew LOVES to jump, suggested that we keep one of the mattresses for him to jump on. That was absolutely brilliant. We kept it, and we get it out just about every day so that Matthew can jump. This old mattress that I was going to toss out has given Matthew literally hours and hours of fun--probably more than any other toy he has. Side note--this is what sparked his interest in gymnastics. Now, before you watch this video, let me just tell you that Matthew's other fun thing is not wearing clothes. As soon as he comes in the door, he takes his clothes off. He is getting better, though. At least now he'll wear his underwear! As you can see, Mr. Matthew is not the only one who loves to jump!

3 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

Absolutely precious! I love it! That is a brilliant idea...and little Ms. Molly is so sweet over there on the side jumping as well! What a workout!!! And it gives you a few minutes to take care of anything that needs to get done...I am all about that!

Anonymous said...


Matthew would love to jump to Van Halen's "JUMP" - go for it!

And Miss MOlly over there workin' her legs like a Rocket Dancer! I imagine a Teed dance troupe in the very near future!

OMG - your mother is a genius to suggest keeping the mattress as a trampoline!
Rock on! I'm jumpin' all over my house!
auntie mame

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Ok girl..this is the cutest video EVER!! I was cracking up when I saw Molly! I think this ranks as one of my top 5 blogger video's thus far. Absolutely adorable!!