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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I just love routine. I am really appreciating our little system that seems to work for us right now. Last week, Mike had to go to D.C. for work. To be honest, I was thinking it was going to simplify things because I wouldn't have to consult another adult about dinner, etc. I had been feeling a little, shall we say . . . self righteous (ouch!) thinking that I did so much around the house and that Mike didn't help me as much as he could. Let me pause here to say that he works a lot. A LOT. He works so much so that I can stay home with Matthew and Molly and so that we all have the things we need--and most of the things that we want. And I truly appreciate all of that about him. I am always aware of that and tell him regularly--but, I was thinking he could help around the house a little more. So he leaves. My mom came over a lot to play with Matthew and help me, which was wonderful and I'm so thankful that she does so much for and with us. However, this was not our routine. Nothing about the past week fit into our routine. It was NOT easier or more simple without Mike. I realize now that we have a little system and, while not perfect, it works for us. We take turns with giving the kids baths, bottle for Molly, and reading stories at bedtime. He puts the dishes in the sink and I do them while he plays with the kidlets. I could go on and on. It works for us. So--it's Tuesday and the house is messy, laundry abounds, and dinner is not simmering nicely on the stove. I'm still trying to catch up from our non-routine last week. But I'm happy and oh-so thankful for our system. I love you, Mike, my sweet husband!!!

3 people had nice things to say:

Sara Youngblood-Ochoa said...

I love this. Hug your sweet husband for me.

Anonymous said...

Love and appreciation of the formality of life - perfect and elegant timing with the Teed Family!

auntie mame

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

Yes, yes! I get that girl. Jon was gone for 2 weeks and I was like...I NEED DADDY/BABY TIME. I'm dying here. Then, the fridge turned off and I'm like..I NEED FIXER HUSBAND HERE. I won't go into the other. (that happened in Vegas!) LOL! ---at any rate, AMEN SISTER.