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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Out of It!

Hi blog friends! I have been totally out of it! I've not been feeling well but finally--FINALLY--got some relief at yet another doctor's visit today and had a wonderfully helpful breathing treatment and two inhalers that seem to be working miracles. I was exhausted, I felt bad, and felt like I was a terrible mom yesterday, so when I woke up this morning, I knew something had to change. Today was a MUCH better today, thank you very much.
So--our heat went out the day before Thanksgiving. We now have a very new, very nice new Heating and Air Conditioning system. Merry Christmas to Mike and I. Just what I wanted (can you hear the sarcasm?) But honestly, I am very thankful to have it and we really did need it before we try to sell this house. But really--expensive.
Molly is trying really hard to crawl. My itty bitty baby is going to crawl. Why is this happening so fast? She was just born. What's the freakin' deal? Seriously, with Matthew, I was so excited for him to do the next thing, but with baby Molly, I just want it to go slow and enjoy it and it seems to be going by so fast.
I am so excited about this next bit of news. The weekend that I have been looking forward to since December 26, 2006 is finally here. Yes, it's true . . . I am going to Oklahoma City this weekend. What??? OKC, you might ask. Why the excitement? Well, my cousin Jennifer (there is SO much to say about her--the term cousin hardly describes our relationship--she's been my best friend since she was born and I was 2 years old) and I are meeting in OKC for our 2nd annual Christmas shopping extravaganza! We started this tradition last year. Jenn has twin 2 1/2 year old precious boys. So, we meet in OKC, shop, laugh, shop, have lunch, shop, shop, shop, laugh, shop, pick up Pei Wei, go to our hotel room, laugh, eat dinner in bed, crash, and get up the next morning and start all over. It is so much fun and so productive that I have literally been looking forward to this for months! I fully intend to blog all about our fun, so check back on Monday! XOXO--C

2 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

Yeah!!! You're alive! I have been thinking about you...can't wait to catch up on Monday!! Love & Hugs!

juicy judith said...

Yes to shopping extravaganzas with Jenna! Buy one for me!
auntie mame