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Monday, November 19, 2007

Sweet baby girl!

Molly has been my sweet baby girl even before she entered the world! When I was pregnant with Matthew, I got stretch marks on my tummy--what a small price to pay for a wonderful boy! But, when I was pregnant with Molly--no stretch marks! When I told my aunt that, she said "Girls are so much more considerate!" Anyway--Molly is a neat eater, too--and that always amazes me! Until last night. The Cowboys were on and Mike had run up to his office for a bit. I had the game on in the living room and I was in the kitchen feeding Miss Neat Eater. The game got really exciting after the two minute warning, and I went into the living room for about 20 seconds. When I went back into the kitchen, Miss Thing had grabbed her sweet potatoes and proceeded to decorate herself: Check it out! By the way--Go Cowboys!!!

4 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Sweet potatoes up the nose! I love the accents in the hair also!
auntie mame

Hollie said...

Love it!! After watching her sleep all through lunch today...I am not sure that I belive you when you say she made such a mess...she is just too sweet to do that!!

ps...Go Cowboys! WOO HOO!!!!

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

SO CUTE!! Molly and Luke need to eat together. BOTH NEAT EATERS! I just blogged about that before I stalked you! Great minds are in sync today.

Sara Y-O said...

I love how she's looking at you like "what's the big deal?" So cute!