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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Update on The Cleanse!

I can't believe I'm blogging about this. Today was Day 1 on The Cleanse. Sara--I agree with Dr. Oz that if we're eating the right foods, we have no need to Cleanse. Clearly, I'm not eating the right foods. I'm having caffeine withdrawals--headache. I can't believe it. Already! I must be toxic! Anyway--I did very well and just drank The Drink. I even impressed myself because Mike wanted to have a "cheat" meal and we went to Hard Eight BBQ. I'd never been there, but it looked really good! I just sat there and drank my drink and played with Molly. I'll keep you posted! Wish me luck.

1 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

OH, I know you will be successful with The Lemon Cleanse! Isn't the caffine withdrawal the worst kind of headache??? Tally on, I send little lemon angels dancing on your forehead keeping you committed.