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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update Update

OK--done with the cleanse. It was great and I am now clean. I made it for 3 days and I was seriously tempted to drive through Whataburger yesterday, but didn't. Mostly because I feared, um, how shall I put this? . . . "ramifications." You know, when you go without food for three days and then all of a sudden have a fattening meal, unpleasant things can happen. I know. I watch Survivor. So, I had orange juice, water and soup today and all went well, so I am going to eat a sandwich in a minute and I'm very excited! But--I lost 4 pounds (not the point of the cleanse, but a nice bonus) and really do feel good and have lots of energy. OK, here I come Mr. Sandwich. Look out. : )

3 people had nice things to say:

Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

wow! So..can't wait to see how you feel in 1 week honey.
Glad your feeling better.
I pray that 'floor' deal is taken care of. I bet that does contribute honey.

Sara Y-O said...

Glad you feel good! I've had the flu this week (SECOND time in the past couple of months!) and started thinking maybe I need a cleanse too!

On another note, can I tell you how much I miss Whataburger???? Sigh...

gorgeous said...

Congrats on driving past Whataburger! Round 1 for YOU! Glad you are feeling less toxic and more in harmony with your physical body!