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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I really am not making this up

Matthew went to school today and Molly and I had a full day of errand-running to do, mostly in preparation for the upcoming birthdays. We went to several places, met my dad for a bite at Oliver's (yummy salad!), and made our way to Frisco to go to Toys R Us and maybe the mall if we had time. I park in front of Toys R Us and go around to get Molly out. She grabs for the keys to entertain herself, I unbuckle her and decide she probably needs a clean diaper, which are in the front seat. I close her door, open the front door, grab a diaper, close the door and have my hand on the handle of Molly's door when I hear the "click." OH NO. No. No. No. She didn't just lock the door. Oh yes, she DID. In the split second I had the doors closed, her little baby 11 month old finger locked the doors. My cell phone was also in the car. I sat there for a minute trying to tell her to unlock the door and I realize what I'm doing. So, I flag down an employee, and he gives me his I-Phone (and since when did teenagers who work at Toys R Us get to have phones nicer than grown ups???). He has to dial 9 1 1 for me, because I have no clue how to use an I-Phone. So, I tell the operator the whole story and pretty much immediately start hearing sirens--they are sending the fire department. My main concern at this point is that Molly is unbuckled, which she realized pretty quickly and was having a little party of her own in the car. I was worried that she was going to get something small and choke on it, so I'm watching her closely. The firemen get there and go to work with all of their contraptions. Apparently, I have an Excellent anti-theft device on my car. I had no idea. They really couldn't believe it, either. After about 10 minutes, they told me they could break a window, or try a few more minutes. They kept trying. Molly took the lid off of my iced tea and was fishing for the ice cubes. We were about to break the window, when they finally go in. Molly had a great time playing like a big girl while Mommy was outside making silly faces. Thank goodness it ended safely. I won't be going out without a spare set of keys anymore--and I definitely won't shut all the doors!!!!

3 people had nice things to say:

Andrea "The H family" said...

Ok. I'm overwhelmed by this story. Seriously Camily, my heart SANK as I was reading this. I would HAVE FREAKED OUT!! I can't imagine girl. THank GOD she was ok and didn't hurt herself. Oh mee..
Ok..your blog! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!
It's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Well Miss Molly got the best of you! And the trusty FD came to the rescue with perfect and elegant timing!

I love the new face of your blog! I was immediately engaged!

Get a hide a key box, have an extra key made, put the key in the box and hide it underneath the hood of your car. Mine has saved my AXX several times!!!


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