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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This is Miss Molly when she wants in the car. Note her serious, determined "Will You Help Me" look.

And here she is when she got what she wanted. This sweet girl is learning fast!
I just thought this picture of the three boys peeking out of the train when we went to see Thomas was so cute. They had so much fun!

I know the spacing is off. I've tried to fix it 3 times. No idea.

2 people had nice things to say:

Camily said...

I know, I'm commenting on my own blog post. I have no idea why the spacing is off on this post. I've tried to edit it 3 times and it's just stuck. Weird.

gorgeous said...

I love this post - the pic of Miss Molly scrunching her precious face for help in her precious car and then post car face!!!!

Love the pics of the boy cousins on Thomas!

I love your spacing - Rn't you just a little off.....!