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Saturday, April 26, 2008

No Baby Sisters Allowed

Last night, Matthew went to spend the night with my parents, which he loves. He gets to stay up late and watch movies in bed and my mom spoils him rotten. It's great. Anyway--he loves to do it and he has never wondered about what we do while he's there. This morning, I called him to tell him we were coming to get him to take hime to his very first t-ball practice (I can't believe it!!!!) and this is how the conversation went:

Matthew: Where's Molly?
Me: At home.
Matthew: What's she playing with?
Me: Nothing--she's having breakfast.
Matthew: Don't let her play with any of my toys.
Me: OK. No problem.
Matthew: Put a sign on my door that says "No Baby Sisters Allowed>"

I can't believe this! It's already started! How does he know to even think like this???

2 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

Brother Teed expressing the gender difference!! "It's all about him!" Molly doesn't even want to be in his room and Matthew still has to make it about him!

The Power of Gender! OMG and how much will he be influenced at those boy only T-Ball practices!!! Go Matthew, rock the T-Ball world!


Hollie said...

WOW...that is greatness!! I love it!!!!