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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First T-Ball game and Miss Molly in action

Matthew had his first t-ball game a couple of weekends ago. We missed the last one because he was sick. He has so much fun and I'm completely amazed at how much this little group of 4 year olds has learned about the game and improved. It's so cute. And I really love that at this level, it is lots of parent participation. Meaning, Mike is out on the field with him most of the time, and at all the practices. I've got to get some pictures of all the dad's in action. Priceless. These first two pictures are why I love photography. I LOVE that I got to capture this special moment with my camera and have some pictures that are decent photographs, as well. I haven't played around with photoshop much, but I think these will be fun to edit.

Matthew's first EVER hit in his first ever game. I'm a proud mommy--look at that smile on his face. I love this child.
One of the many father/son coaching moments. If you look closely, you can see Mike's baseball glove between his knees.

I can't resist posting a few pictures of Miss Molly in action today. She is definitely master of her domain (hee hee).
Baby girl LOVES books. She loves reading them, turning the pages, pointing to the pictures, and pulling them all off the shelves. In these pictures, she's in Matthew's room helping herself while he is tolerating what she's doing.

Hmmm . . . what should I do next? Oh, I think I'll rocket to the top of the stairs all by myself! (I'm right behind her and she's on a mission--she's a pro at the stairs!)
By the way, Molly just started walking more and more today. She's up to 8 or 9 steps in a row. I'll try to get some video tomorrow. She stops and crawls if she thinks I'm trying to catch it on video! Is she used to me with the camera or what? Little does she know, this is only the beginning!

Blog teasers to come this week: Long awaited birthday photos AND "The end of an era." (You'll see : )

2 people had nice things to say:

Hollie said...

End of an era...hmmmm?? You don't have to throw a teast out there...you know I'm coming back. Now I am just going to spend my time trying to figure out what era is ending!

LOVE the pictures of Matthew & Molly! My, how fast they grow! Let's get together soon! Love you!

gorgeous said...

I can hardly stand Matthew in his uniform - I love this pics. His form with his bat is so professional! A star is born! Yeah! I look forward to coming to a game.

Well, what does one say about a real Princess in her princessdom! Good Golly, Miss Molly is beautiful and I love her costume of the day!

You and Mike make beautiful children. They look so happy!