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Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Great Weekend . . .if you don't count the throw up

This was the best weekend we've had in a while! Mike took Friday off in honor of my b-day and we had a day together as a family. We played a lot, opened presents (Matthew picked out a little organizer stand for me all on his own--how did he know that I LOVE to organize???), played some more, and we were headed out the door to meet my parents at Uncle Julio's (one of my very fave's) when I thought Matthew felt a little warm. I took his temp and it was a little over 100. On a normal night, we would have just stayed home, but I'm going to be honest here--it was my birthday dinner and I wanted to go! I gave him some tylenol (he was acting FINE) and we went right out the door. Mom and Dad had gotten to U.J.'s early and gotten a faboo table on the patio and we were set. We had a great dinner, stopped for b-day ice cream on the way home, got the kids in bed, etc. Until about 1 am when Matthew woke up, everything seemed normal. I went up, he was very whiney, and he said, "I'm going to have a throw up!" Sure enough, he did. I felt SO bad. We were up for a couple of hours, he had a high fever, and was obviously a sick boy. The next morning, still sick, we went strait to the doctor. He had strep. It's amazing, really, how quickly antibiotics work. After his first dose, he started to get better. We had a very lazy day yesterday (again, how nice) and this morning, he woke up feeling mucho bettero. Yippee! So--the doctor and David's girlfriend, Jessica, who is a P.A. assured me that he's no longer contagious and is fine to go about his normals, including gymnastics tomorrow. Well, I would type more, buy Mike is sitting here giving me the evil eye and sighing for me to quit blogging to we can watch one of our shows (Dr. Oz--he's amazing)
XOXOXO. BTW, so sad Birthday Weekend is officially OVER. Boo Hoo.

1 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

well Birthday Goddess - you day sounds faboo - love the organizer stand!

so glad Baby Boy Teed is well and up and able to attend gymnastics!

another happy bday to you until next year!