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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Matthew's Birthday Party--The Big 4

Matthew's birthday was quite a day. First, he had his spring program at school--it's more like a class show off day and it was precious. I remember when I was teaching, I would always get tears in my eyes at the kindergarten program. Now that it's my own child, I can barely keep it together! At one point, they said the Pledge of Allegiance and one little girl was supposed to hold the flag and say "Would you please stand for the Pledge?" Well, she got nervous and wouldn't do it. None of the kids wanted to do it. Finally, the teacher said "Well, I KNOW Matthew will do it" and he did. She obviously knows him well. (Again--tears as they said the Pledge). Although, I have to say, he cracks me up when he says it. He does very well until the last line, then he says "With Liberty and JUSTINS for all." Jennifer's husband is Justin, who he loves.
For dinner, we decided to go to the Rainforest Cafe, which has been a big hit in the past.

That worked out really well, until the alligator popped up from the water and opened his mouth. Matthew wasn't expecting it and it really scared him. We ended up having to leave and go to Fuddruckers.

These are the actual party pictures. Please note the cute striped bag in the background of the first picture. It's my diaper bag that was a gift from my mother-in-law before Matthew was born. I LOVE this diaper bag. (You'll see the point to this in a few days)

Cake face! This was when Matthew was actually eating his cake. But I have to tell you, the first thing Matthew did before anyone got to his party was take a big bite out of the frosting right in the front of his cake!

So I know these are very late, but they were too cute and he had too much fun not to post the pictures. I'll follow up with Molly's in a day or two. By the way, sugar ants have found their way into our kitchen. We are trying to keep it spotless, but not having much luck with our two little people on the loose!

1 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

OMG - I love these pics and I love Matthew being the leader of the pack! Too cute with "liberty and Justins for all!"

Camily, do you remember when you used to say "well R B!" for "well I'll be!"

I still use "well R B" when I am befuddled!

love to you all