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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Embarrassing does not begin to describe it

Well, I actually wanted to post pictures of our amazing weekend first, but this simply cannot wait. I just had my most embarrassing moment of parenting thus far in my life. I will not go into every detail, and let me assure you, there are many details! But--I just took Matthew and Molly to the doctor for their 4 year old/1 year old well-checks. I went by myself, which normally would not have been that big of a deal. Matthew was FINE until we got to the doctor's office. We are literally getting out of the car when he says "Mommy, I had a poopie in my pants." OH NO. I thought we were past this. Diarrhea. NOOOOO. Luckily, I had another pair of undies in the car, so we got him cleaned up. Here's where I will skip the details. But it went something like this: Diarrhea, no undies just shorts. Diarrhea: OH NO--no shorts, just his long shirt. I should have just left, but all we had left were the shots. He really tries to make it to the potty, but it's just not close enough. He made it once, then once he didn't. Meaning--it was ON THE FLOOR in the exam room. I ABOUT DIED. We had to move to another room--we left the nurse and the doctor several times to do all this. I was mortified. This literally came out of nowhere--well, actually, it came out of you-know-where--but you know what I mean. I must have apologized a hundred times. I am still embarrassed. I need a margarita.

2 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

You know what they say
"Shift Happens!"

I love this story - long shirts with no undies in the doc's office. You could have been in Church!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Shift Happens!

Hollie said...

I don't think I can even comment!! I will say, BLESS YOUR HEART!!

I remember taking Kole to the ER because of ongoing stomach issues and we left there with two hospital gowns (minus everything else!) I feel your pain! At least we had the hospital gowns! :)

I miss you! I hope everything else is going ok! Let's get together!