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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Something weird is going on with blogger, so I'm not sure how these pics are going to turn out. First of all--I need a pedicure, as you can see, I have included photographic proof (please keep any stubby-toe comments to yourself. My dad has already informed me today that I have stubby toes, and thank goodness Matthew and Molly got Mike's toes. I'm aware.)

Also--Matthew got a package yesterday. It was from Mike's parents, Grandmom and Granddad. He LOVES to get packages and this one came FED EX. He knows the Fed Ex logo and was super-excited when he found it on the porch and it came on a REAL delivery truck. In the package were two puzzles, which he has recently discovered. He Loves puzzles and is very good at them--it suprized me actually. Here's two pics of him doing his puzzles from Grandmom--thanks Grandmom!

Finally, here's a silly picture of Mattie and me--I know the focus is off, but I like it anyway. Love you all!

Sorry for the random pictures, like I said, something is not right with blogger and I can't see the pics I'm loading.

5 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

toes - no.
mattie picks with puzzle - yes!

Please take the time for your fab self and have a fab pedi! You will love it and the world will be a more beautiful place!

And yes, you have stubby toes and so do I!


Hollie said...

I love this!! I am calling you right now, hoping that you have not had a pedicure yet, so we can go get one together!

OK, you did not answer your home, so now I am trying your cell...talk to you soon!

Love you!

Hollie said...

And this is totally random...but my computer views blogs different than most. Not sure why, it is my laptop. But when I veiwed your blog from my parents house, most of the screen was green (not much black on the sides). When I view it at my house there is more black in there...so it is not so blinding. How do you see it? If you want me to fix it where there is more black on the sides, just let me know...it takes two seconds, ok, maybe two minutes!!

Lucy said...

I need a pedicure too. Wish we lived closer! :(

On another note, I want a cute signature at the end of all of my posts (like your Camily gift tag). How did you (or your friend Holly) do that?

Lucy said...

Should have said like the signature you USED to have because I don't think its on this new layout.

Oh well, I'm sure you know what I mean.