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Friday, July 11, 2008

Friends and Family Friday: My DH

OK, OK. How could I not honor my dear husband as my first (or second??) Friends and Family Friday honoree. Now, this may seem utterly ubsurd to you and come as a huge shock, but I am not perfect. No, it's true. I, too, have imperfections, most of which my sweet husband seems to ignore. He sees them, oh, yes, he sees them. We've been together for 12 years, married for 6 1/2, so trust me when I say he's definitely seen my imperfections. But this sweet man loves me and oh, I love him, too. Our marriage is not perfect, but it ain't half bad, either. So, since I have previously set my rules to limit my honoree with 10 memories/qualities that I adore about said person, here goes.

(Photo of Mike and Matthew on Matthew's birthday--I love this picture and think they look so much alike).

1. We have SO MANY memories together that I don't even want to get started with them because this would be a very, very long entry--and after all, I only have 10 items. BUT, I have to say one particular memory says so much. If you know me very well, you already know this story, but I love to tell it, so I'm going to tell it again. The Proposal. THE proposal. Mike and I had been dating for about 4 years and I was in love. I wanted to marry this man, but he hadn't asked. I was at the end of my dating rope--it had been 4 years, after all. Anyway--on my 29th birthday, I was teaching at school and I thought Mike was at work. My friends and I had ordered my birthday lunch--or so I thought--and I was teaching 4th grade Math waiting until my lunch break, when I got a call from the office. They told me that I needed to come to the office to clean up a mess. I thought the delivery guy had spilled our lunch or something. So, there I go in the middle of Math to clean up this mess. When I get there, I see roses everywhere. They were leading from the door of the office, out the door of the school, down the entry way directly to a black limosine parked in front of the school. 100 roses, to be exact (which are now in a glass hurricane by our front door). The secretary in the office said something and everyone was looking at me. I'm not sure what really was happening, because I was floating on air at this point. I somehow floated down to the limosine, where Mike stood with a little black velvet box in his hand. All of my friends knew about this and were outside taking pictures, my students were there, too--everyone was watching as Mike got down on one knee and proposed. It was amazing and perfect. We got in the limo and went to eat at Sonic by Addison airport, where we always went to watch the planes take off and land and drink a cherry lime. That night, we went to Ruth's Chris to celebrate and I couldn't have asked for more. I was totally suprised and completely happy.

2. Mike is a great father. He loves Matthew and Molly so much and is so wonderful with them. He loves to lay on the floor and play with them, loves spending time with them, always notices any little scrape or bruise that's new and wants to know how it happened. He truly wants the best for them, and I love that about him.

3. Mike wants me to be home with our children as much as I want to be home with them. We have always agreed on this, and I am so grateful for that. I can't imagine if we didn't agree--that would be a huge strain on a marriage and family and I am so thankful that I can be home with our children.

4. Mike takes good care of himself. He's in great shape, loves to work out, do yoga (I know, I bet you didn't know that), eat right, and be healthy. He always does his physical assessments at work every year. I love this about him because I know he is doing what he can so that he will be around for his family for as long as possible. And it motivates me.

5. Mike is a hard worker. He works all day, comes home, plays with the kids, has dinner, gives one (or both) kiddos their bath, and then makes time to do things around the house that need doing. Then he does it all over again. And again.

6. He talks, communicates, and writes in cards. He's not one of those men that you can't get to open up--we visit, we talk about things we need to improve on in our life, marriage, etc. He doesn't bottle things up inside. And, when he gives me a card, he writes in it--usually words of thanks, love, happiness, etc. Now, don't get me wrong--he's still manly--but I love this about him.

7. Mike has a great sense of humor. I don't think he lets everyone see this side of him, but Mike definitely has a great sense of humor. We laugh alot. He has names for all the people he works with that he's made up--like Troy is T-Roy. Greg is G-Money, etc. We have names for places that are not really their actual names. Like Cracker Barrel is "The Neighborhood," Burger King is "Burgersnot"--not because it's gross but because that's what we call it. I could go on and on. He can also quote Monte Python--pretty much entire movies. When he's with his brothers, they are like children. Hilarious.

8. Going to church is important to him. He wants his children to grow up going to church--and we go to a great church.

9. He's a financial planner. He is all about budgeting, bills, managing our money, saving, getting a good deal, and not spending. I, on the other hand, am a spender. I'm working on it and doing much better. My mom has said many times "Cam, I'm so glad you didn't marry someone who spends like you. You all would be in so much trouble. I'm so glad Mike is the way his is. You are such a good balance for each other." She's right. I think Mike has bought two shirts for himself since we met, and maybe a couple of pairs of shoes. Everything else--that's me. He would still be wearing 12 year old pants if I didn't shop for him. Well, maybe not, but it is quite possible.

10. I struggle with this one, because it's the last one. There's so much more to say about him. I guess I can sum it up by saying that he's a good person. He does the right thing, and he expects the same from others. He has morals, values, and ethics. He won't take candy out of the bulk candy things at the store and eat a couple. he returns the shopping cart to the designated area. He's honest and dependable. I wonder what he thinks about me sometimes. I love to grab his bottom in public and he gives me this look like "Not Here." I love him, love him, love him. Yes I do.

3 people had nice things to say:

Anonymous said...

Perfection, simply perfection! I love Mike too because he is a good man, a good Christian man living his life with integrity, honesty and spiritual principles. Thank you for being his wife - you do each other very proud!

DTeed said...

And we love you, ma'am.

Andrea "The H family" said...

Ok, have I not commented on this?! I had read it but I never commented. First off, you really knew Mike from that many years ago? Why did I think you got married soon after meeting? NOT?! I had no idea. WOWSIE.
I just think your DH is a gem. The financial thing just pulls him over the edge on my list! You both are a blessed couple honey.
Thanks for sharing. It's been fun to read!