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Monday, July 14, 2008

A new accessory!!

I finally got a Weather Pixie!!! I've wanted one ever since my mystery friend got one, but they had some kind of fire or something and they just came back! She's too cute--she tells the weather in your area, and dresses to coordinate with the climate. Notice mine is in a bikini now. That's because it's too hot to wear clothes. Not kidding. Yippeeeee! It takes so little to make me happy!

5 people had nice things to say:

gorgeous said...

I love your cute weather pixie! I love the idea of checking the weather all over the world on your Blog. You are a genius extraordinaire

and yes, being naked is the BEST!

Andrea "The H family" said...

Oh Lord, another freaking widget that I like. I love it.
Your pixie has a sundress on right now. I guess it changes?

Andrea "The H family" said...

Camily, who is GORGEOUS? Is that your mom?

Camily said...

Gorgeous is my Aunt Judy--my Mom's sister. We're very close--she's my auntie!

Lucy said...

Love the weather pixie! So glad they are back in action!

I too will be back in action as soon as I can climb my way out of some of these damn boxes.