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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Girl and Hollie's photo shoot

We went for a play date at the park and I was shocked at these pictures of Molly! She just looks so big! I mean, when you see her all day ever day, you don't realize how much she's grown! My baby is growing into a big girl before my eyes!

OK--So I did a photo shoot for Hollie and her family last weekend. As I mentioned before, I was so happy with the pictures. Here are a few of my faves:

4 people had nice things to say:

Lucy said...

Miss Molly is soooo cute!

And your photographs are AWESOME! I want you to do our pix sometime!!!! What a talented BFF I have!

Hollie said...

Gosh, Molly does look so big in those pictures...love 'em!

And, of course you already know I love the ones you did of us! ;) Can't wait for our next photo shoot!

gorgeous said...

YOU are a photographer extraordinaire! I love these shots, candid of the family and that precious child in the red coat. Do you know the movie, "The Girl in the Red Coat?" it is black and white except for the red coat!

fabulous, darling, simply faboo!

gorgeous said...

OM Goddess, I did not post about the fabulous Miss MOlly! I was wandering around WalMart buying Thanksgiving groceries and realized I neglected to mention the beauty of Molly in my initial post!

Miss Molly, you are a baby goddess extraordinaire! I love the red sweatshirt and the dirty face! You look like "yo' mama!"